Bicon 250 free pixel perfect line icon

Bicon is a cool new line icon project developed by our ThemeBucket team. This icon library was first designed while we were working on our latest responsive multipurpose HTML5 template called “Alien”, and we’ve decided to release it for free. Bicon is open source and you can use it in your personal and commercial projects for no cost at all, all we expect that you give some credit to us. Your contributions to this project will be highly appreciated.

Bicon comes packed with 250 line icons which are commonly used across different types of web and mobile applications. All the line icons in this project is pixel perfect, carefully crafted and well thought. Our designer team spent a great amount of time on these nice looking icons. This library is continuously growing and we expect to release another cool set of icons very soon. We hope that there will be more than 600 line icons in Bicon project by the end of this year.

If you want to see some icons which are not available in Bicon project at this moment, let us know by commenting here and we will try to add it for free.

Download Bicon